Hollywood Center Studios shift to renewable energy with Solar Power

The stages five and six at the Hollywood Studio Centre were built in the year 1919. They featured clerestory windows to make use of the natural sunlight pouring through the windows. This technique has been used in ancient civilizations such as Egypt and even in Christian and Byzantine basilicas. The clerestory windows not only allowed light to enter the inner rooms but also brought in the fresh air.

The Studio has set up two solar power units that will produce electricity that in turn will be used to run the eleven stages of the studio. The stages are used for the purposes of commercial production, television and making the film. These stages require a lot of electricity to keep them running. The solar panels built at the studios are guaranteed to generate electricity of about more than 350,000-kilowatt hours per year. According to a press release, this project was undertaken by Roseville, a Solar Power Inc, based in California. The company was responsible for both the design and construction of the solar panels at the studios. This effort of the studios on being environmentally conscious will save it a lot of dollars in curtailing the electricity bills. The production companies that make use of the stages in the studio are happy with the studio’s effort of installing solar power.

Solar panels have been installed on stages five and six, the studio’s original stages and stages 10 and 11, the new stages. The studio also has similar plans in mind for the other building and stages. Installation of low powered LED lights in another measure by which the studio aims to make an environmentally conscious effort. The studio also uses a recycling system that uses a lot of material that would otherwise have been dumped in the dustbin.

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