Solar powered SmartEnergy Compactor strives towards cost savings and environmental sustainability

According to a press release, Waste Management, Inc., a leading provider in waste management services recently introduced the SmartEnergy(SM) Compactor which could curtail electrical consumption by almost 70% compared to conventional compactors. The result is low operating expenses and carbon footprints for clients. The announcement of the SmartEnergy compactor by the Houston-based environmental solutions company is aiding businesses in cutting down costs and meeting their sustainability targets more efficiently.

Every SmartEnergy compactor is armed with the company’s Compactor Monitoring Service (CMS) that enables Waste Management to get the most out of the servicing of customer’s compactors, reducing costs to the minimal and avoiding unnecessary pickups thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions to the lowest possible. To allow businesses concentrate on their work, WM monitors the compactors remotely using their own exclusive hardware and software which also increases the effectiveness and worth of the collection.

The SmartEnergy Compactor is also equipped with another intelligent energy-saving feature; the charge box fullness indicator which endorses running of cycles only when needed because of which use of electricity and carbon footprint is reduced. The SmartEnergy Compactor deliver performance and cycle time comparable to a traditional compactor.

While the electronic controls of the SmartEnergy Compactor are solar powered by Big Belly Solar, the motor is conventionally powered. Moreover, it comes with an AC-powered backup in case if the battery isn’t fully solar charged-up so that clients can always run a cycle until the battery recovers.

With the new SmartEnergy Compactor, clients will be able to save costs as well operate the compactor in an environmental friendly surrounding. With the announcement, Waste Management, Inc. has continued its service and commitment towards sustainability of the environment.

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