Solar Power International: A Much Awaited Event of 2011

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Solar Power International 2011 is a much-awaited event which will open a door for the solar industry. It is a world-class conference that will lay a new pavement for emerging U.S. solar market. This solar trade show will be presented by Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) as well Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). It will be organised to boost solar electric power industry. The upcoming show will represent around 128 countries as well attract more than 24,000 professionals.

According to the newsletter, the event will host more than 1,100 international and US exhibitors. It will be organised in the Dallas Convection Centre spreading around 1.1 million gross square feet. The show will encourage both new as well as old exhibitors. However, it will lead stress on promoting, launching, selling, and demonstrating products and services offered in North America for the global solar industry.

Julia Hamm, the President of SEPA said that Solar Power International 2011 will be a crucial event for solar industry professionals, investors, technical experts, utility experts and policy makers. It will help to widen their scope in the latest solar industry, identifying business prospectus, and discovering emerging markets. The latest statistics reveal that the U.S. solar market has whopping growth and future.

Rhone Resch, the President and CEO of SEIA pointed out that solar energy is an emerging industry in the United States. It offers a big market where many industry players can see various challenges and opportunities.

SPI 2011: Highlights

Date: October 17-20, 2011
Venue: Dallas Convention Centre
Guests: Magic Johnson, Marcus Buckingham

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