Solar Powered Vehicle by Omer Sagiv


A solar-powered vehicle or SPV designed by London designer Omer Sagiv is a futuristic, concept car made out of aluminium with flexible thin-film modules attached to it.  Ideal for riding on open lands where the sun amply blesses its harsh rays, this SPV creates enough energy for long distances. Moreover, a shaft in the SPV centre functions as an inbuilt cooling system to protect the driver from outside heat. The car operates as a vehicle and generates electricity to power homes with its many, multifunctional solar panels.

The car’s aerodynamic design created by the inside shaft allows it to move fast in open areas. Though its thin solar film modules harvest maximum sun’s energy, the car is also designed to be charged from home power outlets. Omer Sagiv’s concept car may actually become a reality shortly since recent times are witnessing escalating fuel prices and environmental concerns/

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