AUO Solar Panels Renamed BenQ Solar

Solar Panel

AUO solar panels, an old product in the new package,  is now re-branded as BenQ Solar,  a division of AU Optronics Crop.

BenQ has become a brand name with its growing reputation after its massive success in installing giant solar power plants in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The company said that the name change by AUO is to increase its presence in the global solar market actively.

K.Y. Lee, Chairman of BenQ Group, said, “With the support of BenQ’s well-established brand equity and global sales and service platform, BenQ Solar will rapidly expand its business and earn customer trust.” He also added that BenQ Solar’s world-class high-efficiency solar products and global operation would provide customers with local-made products and in-time services, making it the most trustworthy solar brand.

Because of ongoing achievements, AUO/BenQ is in solar industry headlines. Above all, the company includes the AC Union’s successful launch – an AC (Alternating Current) Solar panel.

Most of the standard solar panels generate Direct Current (DC), which doesn’t function well unless they are converted to Alternating Current (AC) that runs on a solar inverter – a separate component.

The AC Unison produces DC, where the installed panel is mounted with a micro-inverter that converts the DC to AC. According to the reports, it provides a simple and safer installation and improved electricity conversion efficiency as far as working is concerned.

The EcoDuo and Green Triplex solar panels are the other two varieties of AUO/BenQ. These panels have unique photocatalyst treatments that crumble surface contamination and increase the panels’ performance over the long-term.

The Pennsylvania School District, a 9 MW solar farm will be the next AU Optronics project that will include 37,500 AUO (BenQ Solar) modules to generate 10.88 million kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. The project is a giant step to avoid 6,669 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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