GeoEye and Geostellar To Transform Solar Industry

GeoEye, Inc. (Herndon) and Geostellar join hands to form a strong, strategic relationship to transform solar energy industry.  GeoEye is a company which provides geospatial information and insight while Geostellar is an innovative technology company.

According to the terms of agreement, GeoEye will supply important information such as high-quality Earth imagery, mapping data and digital surface models which will drastically trigger the services offered by Geostellar.

The partnership is beneficial for managing and storing massive data of Earth imagery and solar maps built in Washington D.C., Boston, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New Jersey in a cataloged form. The process of storing imagery of roof slopes, shadows, weather patterns etc. was manual initially. Solar maps of every important metro in the United States will be developed with the help of image processing methods developed by GeoEye Analytics.
Joint efforts by Geostellar and GeoEye are expected to transform multi-million dollar industry.

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