Solar Cell Fabric by Japanese Researchers

Solar-cell fabric ... will eventually let wearers harvest energy.

Japanese researchers have invented solar cell fabric. The new fabric is composed of wafer-thin solar cells, which can be woven together with sweater or trousers capable of powering up mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Before officially introducing fabric in the market, researchers want to work on it.

There are many things such as coating for the conductive wires and improving the fabric’s durability before its commercialisation, an official at the Industrial Technology Centre in central Japan’s Fukui Prefecture said.

Fascinated by the invention, many electronics makers, blind makers and others are interested in solar cell fabric, which has been developed by the centre along with the help of a Kyoto-based solar cell maker and other private firms.

After last year’s tsunami, Japan is looking for an alternative energy sources because of the worst nuclear accident in a generation.

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