Renovagen – A Portable, Rollable Solar Array

Solar Panels

Nowadays the use of mobile phones is a part of everybody’s life. The backing which keeps the mobile phone charged is its effective charging. But it becomes a horrendous task to charge the mobile phone in the absence of electricity. It can cost as high as $5 where people have to ride on the back of diesel generators to charge the phones or gadgets.

John Hingley had a solution stuffed in his kitty for this problem. He invented a thin and lightweight portable solar panel that could be unfolded and could generate enough energy to power his phone, the camera, and the computer. This simple device commonly used by travelers and outdoor enthusiasts gave him an idea to make a much bigger version.

After a few years of research, Hingley developed a huge steel container containing a long array of solar panels combined together using a flexible fabric. The carpet-like solar panel, which stores generated energy in batteries in the steel backing, is expected to be used for disaster relief when power systems have been depreciated by the armies and are also used in certain mining operations.

The system uses copper indium gallium selenide solar cells (CIGS) which are connected with a tensile like fabric. The strength of the combined material can cope with being rolled in and out, and it can be in full operation within minutes after it is deployed. It is like a microgrid resting in the box. It has all of the components integrated into it that is needed to run a 24-hour microgrid.

Initially, the capacity of the energy bank was just 6KW but now the capacity of the current generation is increased to 18KW. The steel unit can even be attached to the helicopter so it can be dropped off by air.

This system named Renovagen is expected to get the approval within 4 months and its initial price would be in the bracket of £50000 to £110000. Soon the price will have a fall is the prediction. It has already garnered fame as an unnamed client has ordered three prototype systems of the same.

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