Tesla Solar Roof Launched on Desperate Housewives Set

Tesla Solar Roofs. Credit: Tesla Motors.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the much-hyped and awaited Tesla Solar Roofs in the last week of October and that too using Desperate Housewives’ set as a model house at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. “Power from above, beauty from the street”, was the slogan used. One must give proper credit to the efforts for the design of these roofs to Tesla engineers, as prima facie they look great and appealing. Tesla is offering four types of these shingles to match different housing aesthetics.  As described, this is an effort by Tesla to help homeowners to get rid of clunky solar panel add-ons in favour of a beautiful roof, giving better looks to the houses. Although Tesla will be soon offering an option to add traditional panel installation on the existing roofs, if one is not in the new roof market.

The roof unveiling by Tesla also included an introduction of its new at-home battery option Powerwall 2.0. This red colored ‘Founders Series’ Powerwall 2.0, is hand signed by CEO Elon Musk, CTO JB Straubel, and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen, is part of Tesla’s effort to show what will come in future to the people’s way if a merger with SolarCity is granted.

Tesla solar roof tiles are manufactured with durable, long lasting tempered-glass. This glass is specially developed by Tesla’s glass division. These solar tiles, which will be integrated into the roof will be invisible when viewed from the street and are much more attractive as compared with currently used solar technology. The aesthetics of the four prototype roofing tiles presented during launch are beautiful.

Solar roof tiles are in four styles that complement and power your home. Credit: Tesla Motors
Solar roof tiles are in four styles that complement and power your home. Credit: Tesla Motors


  • Tuscan Glass Tile:  This roof, also sometimes called Italian Renaissance style, is an element of a home integrated with its setting. It clearly reflects the style of olden Spanish architecture. The roof structure is a combination of side gable, cross gable, combined hip, and gable, or hipped configuration, often with projecting wings and deep roof overhangs and eaves.
  • Slate Glass Tile:  The most desirable roofing material and style for more than 1,000 years, the slate has been always acclaimed for its elegance and uniqueness. The Tesla version roof will resemble thin tiles split into uniform thicknesses. Slate’s aesthetic appearance will have a wide variety of rich colours and textures.
  • Textured Glass Tile: Tesla has adopted this style very nicely and it looks just amazingly rich and exclusive. Textured roofing tiles were used in Neolithic China as early as 10.000 B.C. and 5000 years ago. Their interesting appearance makes textured tile roofs prominent stylistic, ornamental and distinctive roofing and looks of a historic structure.
  • Smooth Glass Tile: Flat smooth tiles offer clean lines that compliment a contemporary design. It has a straightforward, stripped-down geometry and is a means of securing an organic bond between old, existing architecture and new buildings. These Optically robust, tiles provide an interplay which was once typically available with the hand-crafted ones.

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