Tespack Solar Backpacks Charge Your Gadgets On-the-Go

Photo Credit: Tespack Ltd.

Have you felt frustrated with a battery running out? Entrepreneur, Mario Aguilera, whilst serving in the Bolivian army learnt the drawbacks of quick-draining batteries in the late 1990s. He lived off the grid with his Special Forces unit and faced frustration with draining batteries. His trips were cut short as he returned to base for his handheld GPS tracker and satellite phone to recharge.

In fact, a research company, GMI, in 2014 surveyed 1,000 people in Britain and projected an 89% of respondents stating that battery life was the most influential factor when buying a device.

In his quest for a solution to draining batteries, it was in the jungle that he found his answer. He realised he had to go mobile. He soon found the mobile energy company, Tespack, in Helsinki in 2013, after leaving the army.

Tespack has developed fast-charging mobile products which generate and store energy and is inclusive of backpacks which have removable solar panels and power packs. The target market for his mobile product is hikers, climbers, military, and aid personnel, those who work in remote locations and in extreme weather. Such professionals need a smartphone for navigation and emergencies.

Aguilera’s solar panels are reportedly distinctive and combine design, light weight, and durability with efficiency. His customers include the U.N. and the Finnish Defence Forces. His ultimate goal is poised to making everyone energy independent as they step out of the confines of their homes.

Tespack works at the incubator, GE’s Energy Village, in Helsinki, which houses around ten start-ups and is on a lookout for more. GE energy experts stop by and review their progress as most of the ideas are new and experimental.

Being a part of the energy village, as a possibility of its future products being available to GE’s customers. The products currently are priced at below Euro 100 ($104), inclusive of a solar panel which is the size of an aeroplane window. The panel which connects with a portable battery has the capacity to charge a laptop up to two times, a phone up to 13 times, and a tablet up to five times.

The company is all set to launch a new series of products in 2017, which includes a palm-sized, USB-charged, portable power back which can power a smartphone in less than seven minutes. Aguilera believes that in 20 years one will be able to change everything while on the move

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