Tesla can be a Game Changer in Solar Power Generation

Tesla Powerpacks solar powering Kauai

The investors’ eyebrows were raised when the EV manufacturer Tesla announced their decision to acquire SolarCity in June 2016. It affected the company in the stock market and the shares dropped by almost 10%. Even though Tesla CEO Elon Musk was very assertive about the move the experts were very sceptical about it.

Today, Tesla and SolarCity together has emerged as a world leader in solar technology. One of the many achievements and advancements post-merger is the massive Tesla solar farm powering the entire Hawaiian island of Kauai. Tesla solar farm project was officially unveiled in March 2017 in Kauai. Tesla CTO JB Straubel and David Ige, governor of Hawaii were present on the occasion. Tesla partnered with the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) for this project. This solar farm has 54,978 solar panels with the installed capacity of 13 megawatts, it also has 272 Tesla’s commercial batteries, Powerpack 2, which store the solar energy to be used at night.

Tesla Solar Roofs
Tesla Solar Roofs. Credit: Tesla

Tesla solar roofs have shown a great impact on the solar power industry. The solar roof tiles went on sale recently and within no time the sale, a news broke that they would be out of stock well up to mid-2018 due to huge demand which exceeded their present installed manufacturing capacity. This has happened because the Tesla’s solar roofs are cheaper as compared to the solar panels available in the market, they look much better than traditional solar panels, and they come with an “infinity warranty.”

Another major factor is the revolutionary battery technology by Tesla. Normally for a homeowner extra electricity generated on the bright sunny day would have to be sold to the utility company to which the solar system is connected. And when the system isn’t producing electricity e.g at night or when the weather is not good the homeowner has to buy power from their utility company at higher rates. But this major glitch is overcome by the Tesla’s revolutionary battery system.

These facts prove that Tesla can be a “Game-Changer” for clean, renewable energy.

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