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Waste water treatment sites – a source of solar energy

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Creative Commons / David Shankbone

Governments are now turning to waste water treatment plants as a potential site for installing solar systems. A 1.15-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) system has been installed at a waste water treatment plant in the city of Dinuba, Calif. This was a joint partnership venture by Chevron and Toiga Energy.

The plans, construction and engineering was done by Chevron Energy Solutions. Tioga Energy financed the project and will own and manage the project. Tioga Energy will sell energy generated from this venture at a fixed price for a twenty year agreement. Tioga Energy is an expert in selling renewable energy under long term agreements to commercial, non government organisations and government. This agreement makes it possible for these institutions to avail renewable energy with no up front capital.

The city of Dinuba is happy to have a landmark of solar energy that makes use of a waste water treatment site. Tioga and Chevron have also recently worked together on a solar project in Hawaii. Tioga has also played a leading role id developing what is known within the industry as the ‘Morris model’. This was a project done with the Morris County Improvement Authority located in New Jersey. This new model makes it possible for governments to issue low interest bonds for financing renewable energy projects. Partnering with a third party investor provides leverage for federal tax incentives.