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Halotechnics Developing Technology For Storing Solar Heat Energy

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Solar energy is highly beneficial in addressing fossil fuel consumption and global warming concerns. But it comes with its own set of drawbacks as harnessing and releasing it is sporadic and expensive. Its output also depends on the amount of sunlight at any given time of the day and the cloud cover. Considering all the issues underlined above, Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) systems work best to trap the sun’s heat and drive steam turbines to generate utility scale power. In CSP, thousands of mirrors track the sun’s heat and collect it in a receiver. A heat transfer fluid then is then pumped through the receiver to collect the heat. The heated fluid is used to boil water, drive a steam turbine and generate energy. (more…)

MIT Invents 24 Hour Solar Power

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Diagram shows the idealized arrangement of a vat of molten salt used to store solar heat, located at the base of a gently-sloping hillside that could be covered with an array of steerable mirrors all guided to focus sunlight down onto the vat. Image: Courtesy of Alexander Slocum et al.

MIT team of researchers are working on a system which can supply 24 hours solar energy by designing a concentrated solar power (CSP) that would store heat in molten salts containers. Though this technology has been implemented before by Spanish company Torresol Energy through its “power tower” system, MIT is focusing on lowering the installation, operation and maintenance costs. With extra costs saved, this system will effectively work to help small towns and communities switch themselves from grid to clean energy. (more…)