US homeowners enjoy savings through Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Roof Solar Panels

Homeowners across the United States who believe installing solar panels is an expensive investment need to re-think as American Vision® Solar Power Purchase Agreement is taking steps in portraying solar energy as affordable with an excellent return on investment.

By signing this agreement, homeowners are endowed with the authority to choose whom they want to pay their electricity bills and how much. Called as ‘Solar as service’ in American Vision® terminology, customers can avoid the outright purchase of an entire system, plus avail the benefits of solar energy with very little investment.

Customers can pay the costs of installation in monthly bills – a cost that American Vision® boasts of being less than the Southern California Edison bill without solar. In fact, according to their calculations, over a year, customers will be saving an average of more than $1,100 per month which equates to a 469% rate of return on investment over a period of 20 years.

In this era of inflation when every dollar counts, these cost benefits of solar power, which the Power Purchase Agreement offers for an average US citizen could mean a lot in the long term. The agreement is unique from other similar contracts as it does not bind customers if they wish to sell their home or relocate the system.

Along with the cost savings, the Power Purchase Agreement also offers other benefits like 20 years of hands-on monitoring of the system which includes production guarantee, maintenance, repair and insurance.

American Vision® company proprietors Bill and Kathleen Herren began offering their services ten years back with window sales and installation. In the continuing years, they have expanded their company to include energy-efficient products available at American Vision Solar and American Vision Garages.

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