Solar Powered Bridgeport School: A solution to issues of energy cost and energy efficiency

Solar Panels

Opened in 2011, the Discovery Magnet School in Bridgeport, Connecticut is awarded the title of Leadership in Energy Efficiency Silver Designation. It is a symbol of green design and a step in preventing the environment. Built by the American Solar & Alternative Power, the school consists of the photovoltaic rooftop solar system with a capacity of capturing 85% of the solar energy which makes the building highly energy-efficient. According to a press release, the school captured the attention of MXenergyTV producers who decided to feature the school in a segment of Attainable Sustainable, a green living educational program to be telecast exclusively on MXTV.

The Managing Director of MXTV himself witnessed that the Discovery Magnet School is one of the best epitomes in environmentally friendly construction. Not only this, but the design is also a great example of the educational impact that will leave a huge influence on all students, teachers, and parents. In April 2011, the prominent crew-members and producers filmed the installation of the school’s rooftops solar panels. The segment is complete at the moment, the school and the community leaders are totally satisfied by this eco-friendly development. The project is currently being telecasted on MXTV, especially on the Demand cable channel on Cablevision iO.

In recent times, the massive development in the field of solar energy utilization will give a new podium to solve issues of energy cost and energy efficiency.

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