Solar to compete with fossil fuels in future

Fossil Fuels

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers made a bold statement as part of its research initiatives on solar photovoltaic. According to IEEE, in the coming ten years, solar photovoltaics could blanket the fossil fuels market completely. It is predicted to be the most promising economical source for generating electricity.

Solar photovoltaic is predicted to revolutionize the energy sector in the years ahead. Solar is an immensely promising source of alternative. As new and cheaper sources of harnessing this energy are discovered, consumer demand for solar energy will escalate. Solar energy abounds in plenty on earth. The global demand for energy can be met only by a fraction of the sun rays bombarding the earth. Alternative energy is the need of the hour to counter the threat posed by the exhaustion of fossil fuels on earth. However, there are obstacles in the path of this vision.

The solar photovoltaic cells are expensive as their manufacturing cost is quite high. This makes them unpopular among the consumer market as the traditional sources of energy seem cheaper in comparison. Innovative technology and cheaper cost of production are necessary for solar photovoltaic cells to be adopted by the consumer market. To promote and encourage solar photovoltaic cells, the IEEE has launched the ‘IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics’. It also invites submissions regarding any aspect of photovoltaics. The IEEE has also released research videos of photovoltaics on IEEE.com to further encourage solar photovoltaic cells.

275 solar panels had been installed at the IEEE headquarters in Piscataway, N.J producing about 50 kilowatts of energy. This year the IEEE plans to add more solar panels to raise the output of energy. The efforts of IEEE, if fully realized will give consumers an efficient and clean source of energy and also immensely reduce the carbon footprint left by mankind.

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