Kyocera starts using solar power to reduce electricity consumption

Solar Panels

The Kyocera Corp has increased the capacity of its solar energy power generation plant at Tanagura in Fukushima Prefecture significantly from 194kW to 230kW. The installations for the plant began on 30th June. Kyocera in an effort to reduce the company’s environmental burden has been installing solar power generating systems at its manufacturing plants, head offices, sales offices in Japan and overseas.

The Japanese government has placed restrictions on the consumption of electricity in preparation for the expected shortfall in electricity due to the March 11 earthquake. Compared to last year the electricity consumption has been reduced by 15 %.

Kyocera in view of this fact has taken measures to reduce its grid provided electricity. In addition to solar power, the company plans to lower its energy consumption by 15 % by using effective measures such as switching off unnecessary lighting, setting office computers to lower power mode, setting air conditioners to 28 degrees Celsius, and using power generators.

Kyocera’s global network now comprises of 26 solar power equipped plants with a capacity of 2.2MW.

The power consumption regulations will affect 8 facilities of Kyocera in the Tohoku Electric Power Co and the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Kyocera has recently installed solar power generating systems of 58kW at the Yokohama office and 130kW at the new headquarters of Kyocera Elco Corporation. The company plans to reduce 15 % of its energy reduction at all 8 plants by use of energy-conserving measures such as stand by equipment, lightning, controlling air conditioners.

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