Powering over 2000 homes

Solar Panels

A huge solar project is on the cards by the Solar City and Hickam Communities. It will supposedly be the largest solar power infrastructure in Hawaii. In the US it will also be one of the largest solar-powered communities at the Joint Base Pearl Harbour-Hickam.

Power to more than 2000 military homes will be provided from the aimed 4 megawatts project which is estimated to produce electricity of more than 5.6 million kilowatt-hours.

This measure will reduce the release of carbon dioxide in the air of over 260 million pounds. Roughly it translates as taking 2300 cars off the road for a year. The installation project will stretch over a period of two years and create over 55 green jobs in Hawaii.

The Hickam Air Force Base will be managed, designed, renovated by the Hickam Communities including the management of homes at the Hickam Air Force.

An estimated 600 rooftops will be installed by Solar City at the Hickam Community. This measure will provide power to more than 2000 homes in the community.

The aim of the Department of Defence to meet 25 % of its energy requirements by the year 2025 from renewable energy will be realized by the Air Force. A 20-year contract enables Solar Energy to manage and install the solar system at the Air Force. The Hawaiian Electric Company will be linked to the solar infrastructure at the Base. The solar project empowers Hawaii with a cleaner atmosphere.

The sentiment that we are giving back to the families of today and tomorrow by this project was expressed by the project director of Hickam Communities, Jerry Schmitz. He also stated that not only will this venture provide a better environment but the money saved can go towards providing services and management of the community.

The first and largest solar-powered community is at Soaring Heights at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona. Hickam Communities will be the second-largest solar-powered community on an Air Force Base in the US.

The CEO of Solar City, Lyndon Rive stated that this solar project will leave a positive impression on the environment and economy of the Hawaiian island.

The Hawaiian Power Plants are fired by imported oil. The solar project will free Hawaii from being dependent on this for providing electricity while also curtailing expenses and leaving a healthier environment for Hawaii. The homes picked out for solar installations were chosen concerning their location and suitability to solar installations.

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