Enphase Energy Unveils Next Generation Micro inverter

Solar Panels

Enphase Energy, the famous California-based microinverter manufacturer, has released its next-generation M215 microinverter. This product has brought a breakthrough in the evolving solar cell market.

Bill Rossi, the chief marketing officer of Enphase explained that the M215 microinverter is full of features offering 25 years of warranty and a new cabling system. These characteristics can increase the lifespan of a solar panel.

According to the newsletter, the company will not charge a recurring fee for monitoring service. This will lay a new pavement for marketing M215 microinverter. Hence, such a rebate will give cutthroat competition to its counterparts. California’s solar incentive program remarked that the improved efficiency of about 96% in the M215 microinverter is already a great achievement because other inverters are unable to match the same.

Rossi also pointed out that the company is planning to concentrate on increasing the product’s efficiency so that one can earn profitable returns through selling. Microinverter is not a new product. Several companies have already tried to popularise¬†it a decade ago.

M215 microinverter is capable of providing the optimal energy output, added Bill Rossi. It has an ability to produce 230 watts of DC power as well as 225 watts of AC power. Hence, the average AC power of the microinverter has been kept at 215 watts. The new cabling system guarantees smooth work by reducing installation time.

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