Ford packages EV cars with rooftop solar panels


It’s a known fact that having shared coequal views on using clean energy, solar panel, and EV consumers are the same people from the higher middle class with an increasing disposable amount of money. Not surprisingly, Ford and SunPower, the largest solar panel maker in Silicon Valley have come together to offer consumers a bundle of rooftop solar panel assembly along with their new buy of Focus Electric.

The Ford Focus Electric, which is bound to hit the Californian market by next year, will be provided with an amazing discount of the rooftop solar system by Solar Power.

The bundle will encourage consumers to think more intensely about saving the environment by taking advantage of using an electric powered car, rather than a gasoline one. Also, they will reduce the excessive load on fossil fuels like coal by switching to solar panel powered electricity to charge their cars.

Citizens will avail a 2.5-kilowatt rooftop system which will provide 3,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually to their cars allowing it to run 1,000 miles per month, for less than $ 10,000 after the federal tax credit.  Otherwise, SunPower charges its consumers $ 18,000 for a rooftop system of the same size. Moreover, people living in summary states like Arizona & Nevada will benefit the most. SunPower hopes with this initiative; consumers will also cover their households with solar panels for residential purposes.

However, solar panels won’t be electrifying the cars directly as assumed since car owners charge their cars overnight. Since solar panels produce energy when the sun is shining, the electricity generated will be administered to the electrical grid adopted to provide charge to the car.

Solar panels and electric cars have long been associated since the 1990s when an electric-vehicle marketing expert noticed that nearly half of electric car buyers eventually bought solar panel rooftops for their house. Even Nissan acknowledged a statement stating that one-third of their buyers have solar panels installed on their roofs.

2012 Ford Focus Electric


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