Portable Solar Suitcase for U.S. Army

Solar Panels

The good thing always comes in a small package. It is excellent to know that the Virginia-based manufacturer, SkyBuilt Power, has announced to manufacture a suitcase to hold the solar power that will associate with power-management and power-production. This portable renewable power product will be exclusively manufactured for U.S. soldiers.

The combined effect of two products:

SkyCase– The company will produce two products such as Skycase and SkyPAK at an initial stage. The Skycase is like a traveller’s luggage, and it consists of the power storage and management module. It is a waterproof, crush-proof, and dust-proof case. SkyBuilt said that the SkyCase would provide system power storage and backup by utilising lithium-ion and other batteries. These batteries are well-equipped with sophisticated power management, short-circuit (or overload production), graceful degradation, and other safety features. An LCD read-out panel fitted on the exterior’s lid gives information about the status of the battery system during discharging and charging.

SkyPAK- The Skycase works in association with the SkyPAK Array Kits. These kits are foldout-crystalline solar arrays that are twice as powerful as a traditional solar blanket. The accordion-design is an additional feature.

Such a splendid combination has replaced traditional power sources such as generators. The U.S. Army can easily use these portable devices that don’t require extra maintenance.

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