Blythe’s Cost Effective Solar Power Project

Solar Panels

In a massive step to improve the efficiency of the Blythe Solar Power Project and to reduce the cost, Solar Trust of America, (an integrated solar energy company) has planned to convert the first phase of 500 MW of the project from CPS (Concentrated Solar Power) to PV (Photovoltaics) technology. In the end, the project will have a total capacity of 1000 MW—such a huge step is taken as a result of enhancing photovoltaic markets.

As per the assumptions, the cost of CSP will be $ 5.79/Watt while the photovoltaics will only cost $ 3.40/Watt. Uwe Schmidt, CEO of Solar Trust of America, explained that the conventional power plant would aim for size, scale, and scope. It will propel solar power (or solar energy) as a predictable source of clean energy. The project will also provide lots of job opportunities. It will be a leap step in delivering a sophisticated domestic solar power supply chain to cater to both solar thermal and PV projects throughout the Southwest.

Replacing PV in place of CPS is an additional feature which has helped reduce installation cost instead of changing the project’s modules. Such a milestone has laid a path where the company looks forward to achieving a Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for solar of 13 cents/kWh. If such type of progress will be on a track, then the company can achieve a realistic LCOE of 8 cents/kWh in about 4-5 years. Hence, it will cut down 70 cents/kWh in module prices.

Despite controversies that the project will endanger tortoises, the first phase of the Blythe Solar Power Project will complete in 2013 as well as provide electricity to thousands of homes.

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