Cost-effective Plug -n- Play Rooftop Solar Power System

Solar Panels

People all over the world are striving hard to cut the emission of harmful gases. Many steps have been taken to prefer clean energy that is beautifully depicted by up-to-date discovery. The latest example is a well-equipped plug-n-play rooftop solar power system, introduced at the Intersolar North America trade show. This kind of system is a low-cost solar power solution for homeowners and businesses. It is a new photovoltaic system that doesn’t require an inverter as well also termed as AC Unison. Hence, the saved money can be put into purchasing a rooftop solar array. This product helps fulfil the dream of the President Obama SunShot initiative that emphases on increasing dependence on solar power. However, it is only possible when solar energy will become cheaper, efficient, and cost-effective.

Microinverter and its unique features

Solar cells generate energy as in the form of direct current (DC) that is very difficult to use at home. One major reason is that every home is supplied energy in the form of alternating current (AC). Hence, you require a device that converts direct current into alternating current known as an inverter. In a conventional rooftop solar system, all solar panels are attached to one main inverter that costs high. To come out of such problems, manufacturers have started producing solar panels that have built-in inverters called microinverters. To enhance reliance on solar energy, the company allows hesitant buyers to judge the functioning of the system by purchasing a single solar panel. Microinverters are also helpful in escalating the efficiency of the module by saving the power that is lost in transferring energy from a solar panel to a separate inverter.

What is the AC Unison Microinverter System

AC Unison is a fully assembled solar power system with an inbuilt microinverter. The micro-inverter, known as AU Optronics, is manufactured by the SolarBridge Pantheon as well designed to offer the 25-year warranty. The product is kept at a reasonable rate and sold by SunWize Technologies, a well-known solar industry in North American. It is extremely beneficial to install on those rooftops which are partially shaded as well in places where it is quite difficult to install large solar arrays with a central inverter.

Inexpensive Solar power

The solar power system is a cost-effective solution for utilizing solar energy on a large scale. It has given a new meaning to solar power and its utilities. The improvement in solar technology as well easily availability has increased its demand among people. It is great to know that people are looking for an alternative source of energy with a wide scope.

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