Making Over Old Buildings to ‘Green Buildings’

Solar Building

The U.S. plans one more step to cut down energy consumption. A group of businesses including Lockheed Martin and Barclays bank pushes the plan forward by investing as much as $650 million which will span over the next few years, to minimise the energy consumption of buildings in Miami and Sacramento areas.

The project touted as the most challenging and the most inspirational is yet to start. According to the experts, the project will trigger the national market for energy upgrades and eventually save billions.

The syndicate plans to first concentrate on old, commercial properties. The group also plans to take advantage of a new tax arrangement, a tax that allows property owners to upgrade their buildings, including installing solar panels onto the building or the property, at no visible cost which will eventually cut the energy use and utility bills by about a third. The law allows the building owners to pay for the upgrades over five to 20 years through surcharges on their property-tax bills which would be less than the savings.

State and city officials are incredibly optimistic about the future benefits of tackling one of the nation’s and the world’s primary energy concerns.

This enthusiastically active group willing to help cut down energy usage was formed by the ‘Carbon War Room’ a nonprofit environmental group based in Washington set up by Richard Branson. The group will contribute to tackling the world’s climate and energy problems in cost-saving ways.

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