Mitsubishi Spray-on Solar Power Technology

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The devastation produced by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, the government is trying to increase clean energy dependency. It’s great to know that industrial typhoon (like Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) has got a huge success, particularly in the field of alternative energy by coming up with an idea of spray-on solar power technology. This technology is beneficial as it can be applied anywhere on buildings, cars, and even clothing, just like a painting. This type of solar cell is very thin less than 1 millimetre and less than one-tenth of crystalline solar panels of the same size.

Solar cells made up of carbon compounds that can produce electricity when dried and solidified as semiconductors and exposed to sunlight. The magnificent capability of spray-on solar power technology has added a new chapter in the era of solar panels. Hence, this kind of solar cell has given a drawback to conventional solar panels.

Mitsubishi chemical’s prototype spray-on solar cells lag with traditional crystalline silicon solar cells in a light-to-electricity conversion rate of 10.1% only. However, the company hopes to enhance the efficiency of up to 15% by 2015 so that its spray-on-solar power technology can challenge traditional solar cells with higher 20% efficiency.

The company plans to apply this technology to cars by coating them with solar cells. This technology will bring revolution in the auto-segment. Hence, a vehicle will produce sufficient energy so that it can drive you to six miles after two hours of exposure to the sun.

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