Dubai’s Parks to Soon Run on Solar Power


Dubai’s parks will soon be using only solar power as per Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of Dubai Municipality. The project to cover all the parks under solar electricity has commenced with gradual completion expected. This initiative is the Dubai government’s first step toward sustainable development, where it plans to reduce the consumption of power using alternative energy like solar power.

The first park to run entirely on solar electricity is the neighbourhood park in Al Sufouh, which uses solar lighting systems installed by Dubai Municipality General Project Department. The park spanning 1.55 hectares necessitated an investment of Dh7 million to implement unique solar lighting elements that could conserve solar energy for night lighting.

Dubai’s expansion and urban development through stupendous have also attracted many negativities, like increasing petrol consumption, electricity, and garbage production. Therefore it plans to expand its green capita cover to 23.4 square meters to ensure sustainable development in a more environmentally friendly way.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Emirates Gas, Dubai Municipality is planning to covert all its cars from petrol to gas, which includes a total of 1,000 vehicles. Emirates Gas has already converted five vehicles.

Dubai’s big plans in transforming the city’s dependence on renewable energy are also witnessed in its humongous establishment of a solar power plant that when installed will provide 5 % of the emirate’s electricity, along with nuclear energy, by 2030. As a promoter of renewable energy sources, Dubai is taking the lead to reduce 30 %of its carbon emissions by 2030. In the present day, UAE is one of the highest per capita electricity consumers globally, thanks to the blistering temperatures for most of the months in the year.

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