Solar Developers Look for Land in Massachusetts

Solar Panels

Though the future does not seem much brighter for solar power developers, recent developments could now turn the town into solar capital of New England, said Jack Hunter, Carver’s planning director.

He also quoted that solar players’ demand for land could change growers’ futures who were selling their land to real estate developers through the housing sector was not doing well.

According to state officials, the tax incentive program encouraged solar players to start the projects at the earliest. They also mentioned that the 4 solar projects in Carver would enjoy the benefit of tax incentives getting converted into a grant if the projects are at 5% ready before the deadline.

Official reports reveal that Waterline Industries’ ‘Route 44 solar power installation’ includes installing solar panels along the state highway. Apart from the route 44 project, the town is looking for other developers to invest in.

To attract investors such as Entero Energy, the state also proposed installing a 750-kilowatt solar plant that would serve the town’s elementary school.

Previously, future seemed feeble as December 31, the deadline on a federal renewable energy incentive program that attracted investors, was at the corner and in addition to that, the cranberry industry is showing a downfall, cranberry growers were selling their lands to real estate developers through housing sector was not doing well.

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