Solar Powered Flexible E-Reader


AU Optronics Corp. unveiled its solar-powered flexible e-reader at the FPD International convention and exhibition held on a subject of the flat panel displays in Japan. This device is like a piece of paper with a sturdy build and flexible body.

An amazing trial that has added a new page in the invention book, a big thing to note down here is that the solar-powered flexible e-reader doesn’t require an external power supply. However, it performs much better when used outside, especially in sunlight.

The solar-powered flexible e-reader is endowed with flexible display technologies that comprise AUO’s 6’’ Rollable Organic TFT E-paper. This e-paper is composed of pliable high-efficiency parts and plastic materials (PEN).

This kind of device is easily carried anywhere in purses and briefcases. The e-paper is featured with the optimized charging circuit design. This product is characterized by considerable power savings and eco-friendly design, which charges through sunlight and indoor lighting. The e-reader doesn’t require charging in optimal light. Therefore, the device is also known as the “Un-plugged Flexible E-paper Display.”

The device comprises an amorphous PV battery that measures 132x212x0.3mm and weighs 10g providing a conversion efficiency of up to 3.6% (or more).  The output voltage at the time of power generation from light is 12V. However, the device also incorporates an external rechargeable battery for use in areas of low lighting.

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