China Utters US Solar Probe Depicts Protectionism

Solar Panels

After a complaint by seven US solar companies, the US International Trade Commission voted on 2nd December 2011 to investigate Chinese companies, which sell solar products at unduly low prices on the global market.

China commented that a US decision depicts a strong US tendency for protectionism, which is made without sufficient evidence. This decision has been taken on the American solar panel industry’s request, which believes Chinese companies are invading a huge US solar market.

The vote doesn’t inflict any penalties on the Chinese imports, but these imports have enormously harmed the US solar panel industry.

On a statement made on 3rd December 2011, China’s Ministry of Commerce said that the decision was made without enough proof on a complaint by the US solar panel industry. Chinese companies were not given any privilege to say something against US industries’ arguments and other affected groups.

“China is deeply concerned about the decision, which does not tally with facts and highlights the US strong tendency for protectionism,” China’s Ministry of Commerce said.

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