Solar Power For Tweeting, Surfing


The iPhone4 has a lot of features that allow users to talk, tweet, and surf endlessly. It is the technology at it’s best. However, using these features takes a lot from the phone’s battery. It might not be able to cope up with such usage for hours. The answer to this problem is ‘Monster Watts’ which has worked on the slim case prototype. It has developed a hybrid solar battery that can be charged anywhere, where there is sunlight.

Solar battery charges are itself not a novel concept. However, a solar battery that seeks to blend in with the design of Apple is rare. The Monster Watts solar charger is designed with a thinner 2400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has a large solar panel so that you don’t end up with a phone that looks something out of the ’90s. This sleek and slim case charger comes in black and white and offers the choice of six bright colours to choose from. The colour bumpers wrap around the phone to add a little style.

You can still access the built-in micro USB port, even if you have placed the phone in the case. It is not necessary to remove the case to get access to the port.

Currently, Monster Watts has a working prototype and a manufacturer to make their designs. However, it is still involved in raising funds for pilot production. If everything falls in place, the Monster Watts Chargers will be on the market by March 2012.

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