Osgoode Solar Farm got a Green Signal to Operate


It’s an immense pleasure to hear that a new solar farm in Osgoode, at last, got operating approvals from the Ontario Energy Board on the 6th of December 2011. The project has been approved to install 10 megawatts solar farm at Parkway and Yorks Corners roads with a license to generate electricity for 20 years.

According to the GS One-Parkway Solar Farm LP, Robert Rudd, a manager for industrial giant Sharp Electronics, San Francisco, the name was there on the Ontario Energy Board application, including the details for a limited partnership license.

Rudd said that he is not mature enough to say anything about this proposal. The license says: “the point of the solar farm is simply to generate and sell power to the Ontario grid through the Ontario Power Authority, which says it’s had a contract with the operator since 2008, to take power whenever the plant entered service.”

This is a leap step for the province by undertaking such a big green energy program. However, it pays a subsidized rate for solar and other renewable power.

Generating 10 megawatts electricity by a solar farm is a middling-to-small capacity for the province that utilizes more than 20,000 megawatts on an ordinary day. However, it is a big footstep to follow the provincial government’s Green Energy Act objectives.

To minimize dependence on coal, gas, and nuclear plants, the provincial government pays a premium for clean energy by boosting several smaller installations to cut off the pollution.

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