Solar Powered Kindle Cover Uncovered at CES


Solar panels embedded in electronic devices has been a long drawn tradition without much-desired effect. But the new solar energy powered Kindle cover, uncovered at CES 2012 in Las Vegas states otherwise.

It seems that the SolarKindle solar panel cover integrated with the digital reader weighs just 215 grams, is flexible, and able to charge even in indirect sunlight. According to the company that created the cover, an hour charge in direct sunlight would provide three days of reading time to the Kindle.

After providing power to the Kindle, the solar panel inevitably switches to powering the 1500mA reserve battery of the SolarKindle, requiring eight hours of charging in direct sunlight and providing 80% backup power to the Kindle. The built-in booklight incorporated in the device for reading in the dark also draws power from the backup battery. If the reserve battery is used for the reading light alone, it can power the light for up to 50 hours.

Manufactured by SolarFocus Technology, the SolarKindle is available online and through authorized resellers in France, Canada, and The Netherlands.

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