JV Solar Cooperation Deal with German Company

Solar Panels

As a result of strong government support for budding domestic PV clean energy and growing green awareness, Europe has emerged as a centre of attraction for all solar product manufacturers worldwide.

There is no confusion to agree with the statement that the European Union is one of the leading markets and stepping on the path of progress. With a broad perspective of growth, JA Solar Holdings Co Ltd is ready to open its wings in Germany, where the technology is spread in the atmosphere.

Earlier Chinese companies had to send photovoltaic products to a third-party testing organization to obtain certification because of EU regulations. In December 2011, JA Solar signed a deal with the Munich-based technical service provider, TV SD Group for technology testing and certification to cut time-consuming and costly affairs of selling products in Europe. Also, it has established partnerships with German companies and organizations in 2011.

JA Solar, the first Chinese PV producer, is all set to establish a TV SD certified TMP (Testing at Manufacturers’ Premises) laboratory, which will enable it to do much faster and more reasonable product certifications. It has sign a deal with the Bund Deutscher Radfather (BDR)/ the Germany Cycling Union to hold its work as a corporate sponsor for the next three years. With this agreement, JA Solar enlists its name as ‘the first Chinese PV company to translate its support of low carbon movement into action,’ as well the BDR denotes its presence for the first time by establishing a long-term sponsorship with a Chinese enterprise.

Fang Peng, CEO of JA Solar, said that the company has invested in cycling sports for significant reasons. He mentioned: “Cycling is a sport of zero carbon emissions, which is in line with a concept supported by JA,” as well as “Cycling emphasizes endurance and skills. JA remains competitive with continuous product innovations to maintain a leading position in the sector.”

With JA Solar’s advent in Germany, it sprawls its wings by becoming the exclusive PV module supplier for Solarhybrid AG’s Allstedt I project. According to the agreement, the company has to provide 19 megawatts of PV modules for one of Solarhybrid’s solar power plants in Halle’s city in eastern Germany.

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