Israel to Build the Biggest Solar Tower By 2018

Solar Panels

The solar energy supply in Israel has not yet reached a substantial amount. It can only serve a small percentage of the nation’s power requirements; consequently, Israel has left behind other countries which are comparatively more cloudy and have a cold climate. However, now the solar industry in Israel is trying to budge ahead by evolving a large-scale project that will boast the world’s tallest solar tower, a symbol of Israel’s ambitions to produce renewable energy.

Israel has habitually been managing its economy on fossil fuels, and now it is endeavouring to generate 10 % of its energy through renewable sources by the year 2020. This high-end project is named as the Ashalim project, which is placed in the Negev desert. It is set up in three plots, and each of the plots has different solar technology. This will be Israel’s largest renewable energy project and will get completed by the year 2018. They will generate about 310 megawatts of power, which will suffice 1.6 % energy needs of Israel. The energy will be sufficient for approximately 130,000 households, and about 5 % of Israel’s population.

The solar-thermal plot at Ashalim will store energy after the sunset, and the third plot will be using photovoltaic solar technology to produce energy. Looking at these advances, it can surely be said that Israel has developed one of the world’s most superior solar energy equipment which can receive an endless supply of sunshine.

Thus, it will not be an overstatement if Israel would surely step up its renewable energy goals after successfully establishing this Solar power tower.

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