Diu, India Leads As First UT Running on 100% Solar Power

Solar panels installed at the rooftop.

Diu, the first and the only Union Territory (UT) in India, has led the whole country by being fully 100% solar efficient.

Taking giant strides in the solar power sector, Diu has established itself as the first-ever renewable energy surplus UT in just 3 years.

The UT has an area of around 42 square kilometres, and despite the reported scarcity of land, it is said that solar power plant facilities have been planted for over 50 acres. The installations have facilitated in reducing monthly bill charges of the residents by around 12%. The UT generates electricity from the solar power facilities daily to the tune of 13 megawatts. The rooftop solar plants generate around 3 MW, and 10 MW is generated from other solar power plants.

Around three years ago, the residents consumed electricity from the power grid owned by the Gujarat government, which resulted in huge line losses. Ujaas Energy Limited and the Electricity Department of Daman and Diu planted the solar power facilities, which marked a shift from using expensive non-renewable sources, and significantly reduced the electricity loss.

Milind Ingle, Executive Engineer, Daman, and Diu electricity department reiterated that the UT depended solely on the Gujarat government for water and electricity. To overcome this, the administration of the UT decided to plant the solar power facilities in Diu. He added that the peak-time demand for electricity in the UT went up to 7 MW. They had generated around 10.5 MW of electricity from the solar energy daily, which helped create the surplus.

The solar power undoubtedly came as a big relief to the residents reducing the monthly bill charges. It is said that the previous units charge was set around Re. 1.20 per unit and 50-100 units were around Re. 1.50 per unit. The new revision of 1-100 units charge is now said to around Re. 1.01 per unit.

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