Four Top Tips for Choosing Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar energy has numerous benefits to offer consumers but, given that you’re here, we imagine you’re already more than familiar with them. Having assessed your options and weighed up their advantages, you now find yourself thinking of switching to clean electricity, but you’re not quite sure how to select the perfect panels.

If we’re working along the right lines so far, you’ve come to the right place. Experts in solar energy, we’re about to give you four top tips to guide your decision-making.

Consider your costs

Whilst cost shouldn’t be the only factor that guides your choice of solar panel; it’s fair to say it’s an important consideration for most people. Few of us want to break the bank to switch to clean energy and, luckily, you don’t have to. Like any other industry, the solar energy sector is a competitive one, and there are lots of options out there. Let’s use online casinos as a tool for comparison. All one has to do is have a look here to see that there are dozens of different deals to choose from, meaning it’s always possible to find something to suit your budget. The same is true of solar panels, so shop around, compare prices, and don’t fall for the myth that you need to bankrupt yourself to go green.

Assess their energy efficiency

Another thing to think about is how energy efficient the panels you purchase are. Energy efficiency indicates how much of the light received is converted into electrical energy, so the better the value. That said, higher values tend to convert to higher prices, and the reality is that you only require enough to cover your own personal energy needs. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to have a Ferrari to do the school run – or a top-of-the-range panel to power a two-bedroom bungalow. Find something that will deliver what you need plus a little extra on top, and you’ll be good to go.

Pay attention to the temperature coefficient.

In that vein, you’ll also want to look at a second figure – the temperature coefficient. This relates to the impact heat has on a panel’s operational efficiency after installation and, the lower the number, the better. The reason for this is simple: overheating tends to accelerate ageing. If you want something that will last, keep an eye out for the lowest percentage per degree Celsius that you can find.

Watch out for long-term warranties.

Finally, we suggest you look for a solar panel that’s as durable as possible. One way to spot these is by paying close attention to the warranty period they come with. Manufacturers who have full faith in their products will typically offer a 25-year term so, if you can find something that ticks this box and all of your others, you’re likely onto a winner. If a long warranty period is not included as standard, take this as a warning sign, and no matter how good the price, keep on searching until you find something better.

Follow these four top tips, and you’re sure to find the perfect solar panels for you.

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