Levante’s Origami-Style Solar Panels Has 23.4% Efficiency

Solar Cell

How exciting is it to have solar energy wherever you are? Levante has taken inspiration from origami panels used on satellites and blended with the modularity of Lego to make foldable, portable solar panels in 330W and 500W versions. It has taken the market by storm, offering breakthrough versatility and portability.

The Levante solar panel is 100% “Made in Italy.” The solar panels with patented technology weigh 9 kg and feature monocrystalline silicon cells with 23.4% conversion efficiency. To optimise its performance, the team partnered with nautical experts’ Sailing Uma’ to design, develop, and test Origami Solar Panel. Levante states that their panels are “the world’s most powerful origami solar panel.”

The manufacturer placed the panel’s features on the website stating that the origami panel is 10% more compact than conventional panels, 20% lighter, and 40% more compact than other folding panels. Furthermore, the solar panels, when unfolded, measure 180 cm x 165 cm x 2 cm. The panel dimensions are 119 cm x 40 cm x 5 cm when folded and offer rigidity of the structure.

Levante’s 330W panel comes in six independent modules, which can connect to create one panel that weighs just 30 pounds. They are ingeniously divided into two sections and can be interconnected in either series or parallel configurations, delivering varying outputs. When connected in series, they yield a maximum power voltage of 73 V and a maximum power current of 4.8 A.

Levante’s 500W panel array comprises nine independent modules, connects to create one panel, and weighs 29 pounds. There is a unique way to connect the origami solar array, that is through zippers. The zippered panels are ideal for car/van camping, sailing, RVing, and homesteading off-the-grid.

Apart from panels, each set includes MC4 cables (3-metre), telescopic arms for optimal placement (adjustable), and protective storage bags. However, the set does not include a solar charge controller or batteries.