Global Solar Trends to Watch Out

Solar Panel Installation

Solar technology today has advanced rapidly as the world transitions to greater reliance on renewable energy sources. The dependence makes solar more efficient, affordable, and reliable. Keep reading to learn more about the top solar technology trends to look for in 2024 and beyond.

Energy Storage Innovations

Energy storage is vital when transitioning to renewable and solar energy on a wide scale. Solar battery storage can help keep your power on during outages and store solar energy to use at night or when it’s cloudy. Thus, one can observe a high integration of solar panels with energy storage devices (especially batteries). The trend ensures an uninterrupted power supply during disruptions. In the context of energy storage, both researchers and scientists are rapidly developing new solar storage technologies for 2024 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration has transitioned to every sector in the market in 2023, and solar is no exception. With products like the Tesla Powerwall, one can observe the incorporation of AI to improve battery life and optimise power storage. Further, AI technology can help quickly identify solar energy system issues. Plus, the technology can also assist in the prediction of production levels accurately.

Improved Grid Integration

Solar adoption has increased over the years, adding pressure to the power grid. Hence, utilities must match the changing demands for energy throughout the day. In this context, efforts to modernise the grid can augment the grid’s ability to balance renewable energy generation. Plus, it can offer reliable power across the country.

There’s a wave of modernising the grid using smart grid technology. The technology comprises advanced information, energy technologies, and communication that can help respond efficiently to changing energy demand. Further, smart solar inverters can help improve grid stability, offering energy flows to homes consistently without disturbances.

Increased Use of Shared Solar

Yet another trend that will be observed in 2024 and beyond is shared solar programs, where customers can buy a portion of the energy that gets generated by a community solar system. Shared solar makes solar power more accessible for people who rent their homes or whose roofs are not quite apt for solar. Plus, customers may be unable to afford their own rooftop solar system. In the U.S., in the next five years, it is expected to add 6 GW of community solar capacity to make shared solar energy available.