A Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance

cleaning solar panels

Energy crisis may be looming across the countries of the world, but that hasn’t stopped leaders from investing in resources to create & harness more sustainable energy, in the form of solar power. To truly improve the use and efficiency of solar energy to power up buildings and even small towns, it is important to understand the ways and methods to maintain the solar panels; which could have a direct impact on the lifespan of the panel itself.

The function of the solar panels and the photovoltaic cells in the panel is to absorb sunlight and use that to generate electricity, which we call solar power. These panels are placed outdoors and have direct access to the elements, dust and grime. The energy efficiency isn’t just compromised on cloudy or rainy days, but also when there is dirt or debris. An important step which you can do is to keep an eye on the efficiency of the panels and to also regularly clean them manually. A simple hose and a spray of water can do the trick! And if they are easily accessible, then a squeegee during heavy snowstorms works as well. Keep in mind to use lukewarm water and not hot water. Solar panels are made with tempered glass and any temperature change between the cold panels and hot water can cause it to get damaged.

While solar companies all have a separate manual for their panel performance and maintenance, it is generally recommended to clean or check up on them twice to four times a year. Ideally, spring and fall season are the best times to perform maintenance work. It’s important to not just look at cleaning the panels, but also do a complete routine checkup of the performance, and their efficiency and check for any damage to panels or wires. It’s best to use professional services or check in with the solar company for scheduling ongoing maintenance.

Any equipment is as good as the care you take of it, and solar panels are no different. It is relatively low maintenance but does require regular observation to make sure it’s giving you the greatest energy output in the long run. While the upfront investment of solar panels is premium, with proper care, these panels can save you money in the long run.